Default Condition for Text Filter mode

Default value: Contains

This option allows you to choose how to search text fields when wildcard or special characters are not explicitly defined. This means that this option has no effect when the connected field contains numbers or dates or when using complex syntax other than simple keywords.

For example, the option affects this query: camcorders
but it has no effect on these: <= 100 2017_2019 *phone

To learn how search works and the full syntax you can use, see: How to Search in Filter Mode

You can choose between:

Equal to

Let us say you want to filter and find out which product offerings include camcorders as the subcategory. Now if you type camcorders in the input box, and the Default Condition for Text is chosen as Equal to, then the results will be filtered displaying the Camcorders category.

Using Equal to as the default condition is equivalent to write "camcorders" in the input box, and for this reason, the visual alters the entered keyword by automatically enclosing it in double quotes.

You can still search for values that contain your keyword using the syntax: *camcorders*


If you choose Contains as the default condition and type camcorders, all the values containing the keyword camcorders will be displayed. This also includes values like Cameras & Camcorders Accessories as it contains the keyword.

You can still search for values that match your string using the syntax: "camcorders"