Exporting Data

DRAFT    This page is not complete.

There are different exporting concepts in Power BI and Synoptic Panel.

Exporting Reports to PDF or Power Point file

This is a feature of Power BI that allows you to export your report to a PDF or Power Point file. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported by Synoptic Panel. If you try to export a report containing Synoptic Panel to a PDF or Power Point file, you will get a placeholder error where the visual was placed.

This happens because Synoptic Panel is not certified by Microsoft.
You can find out what it means and why we didn’t apply for certification here: Synoptic Panel Certification

Exporting Maps to SVG, JSVG or CSV

This section will describe how to export maps (with the ability to include data binding) from Synoptic Panel.
Last update: May 22, 2024